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Curse of the Black Dog – J. Webb Garrett

Black Dog NR

Curse of the Black Dog: The Morrighan’s Song, Book 2 – Urban Fantasy

black dogThings have been going pretty good for Morgan O’Dwyer, incarnation of The Morríghan, Tuatha Dé goddess of ancient Ireland. She’s met some new friends, started having more fun, and is even involved with someone. Nothing ‘weird’ has shown itself in the last few months, and other than suffering from some occasional dizzy spells, things are looking up.

Too bad all good things must come to an end. Discovering a ghost manifest near her apartment, Morgan sets out to exorcise it. Along the way, she is bitten by an enormous black-furred, wolf-like creature with red eyes and a plaited tail, suffering a cursed wound. Unable to heal herself, Morgan must seek help from faeries, witches, and goddesses alike as she seeks to rid herself of this horrid affliction. Knowing she can’t afford to let a murderous magical mutt run loose in her hometown, Morgan must uncover the secret of its sudden appearance.

Little does she know, there is an even greater threat looming on the horizon.

Irish myth meets the modern day in this exciting second book of The Morríghan’s Song.

Beware the Curse of the Black Dog.

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