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Keith Brandon Interview

Keith Brandon

IBB: For those that are not already aware of you as an author, can you tell us a little about yourself?

I am thirty-eight years old and have worked most of my life within hospitality – working in Hungary, the UK and on ocean cruisers. Writing started in my teens but took a serious turn in 2010 when I really started putting together my stories and looking for publication.

IBB: What can you tell us about the books you have released?

One of them is a sci-fi about meeting the aliens for real and finding out the truth about them – who they really are and what are our role is within cosmic events. The other is a vampire story where we find out what happens to a blood sucking creature when he falls in love, and does it change him to save the world?

IBB: Where does the inspiration for your stories come from?

I keep my eyes open for the whole world and try to see and learn new things, so sometimes it could be a fragment of a conversation that starts a story in my head.

IBB: Do you plot the whole story out prior to beginning the writing each time?

Not necessarily. Many times I see a dialogue or a fight scene in my head and from that I develop a story.

IBB: What are your hopes for your books?

I hope to find success from writing but first and foremost want to entertain others with my stories, and of course become a famous writer, possibly seeing my work on the big screen one day soon. And meet with the readers, have talks and simply have fun creating my stories.

IBB: What are the challenges in writing a great story?

The challenge does not come from writing it. If you have a great idea you know what you will write. The challenge comes from willing to find the time – sometimes forcing yourself – to sit down and write. Then many writers criticize themselves about their own story and it happens that they discourage themselves. My advice is don’t. You have nothing to lose. And possibly the last one is to find an agent or publisher. It is time-consuming and can put the person on the edge, getting up every morning and rushing to check your email box for any results.

IBB: Is there a particular reader that your work would appeal to?

UFO and vampire lovers definitely, but is for all ages between 10-60

IBB: Have you received any great feedback from readers?

Yes, I’ve had quite a few on Amazon.

IBB: Which books have influenced you most, both as a person and as an author?

Terry Goodkind’s Sword of the Truth series, Asimov’s Foundation.

IBB: How do you set about the task of creating the enticing cover art?

Well, that is something I usually trust to a private designer or the publisher themselves.

IBB: Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions. Best of luck with your work.

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