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Kilayla Pilon Interview

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The Indie Book Butler Interview.

IBB: You’ve got twenty words to tempt us to read your book(s). What would you say?

KP: Delve into a poetic mind and experience pain, loss and heartache like you’ve never experienced before.

IBB: Where do you like to write?

KP: I like to write by the window on a dismal, rainy day with soft thunder and gentle music/

IBB: Is there anything you must have in order to write?

KP: At least one cup of coffee, maybe some tea, and a nice comfortable blanket.

IBB: What books have influenced you most, both as a person and as an author?when_i_am_someone_else_cover_by_nebulaishere_ddlzjc3-pre

KP: I was most influenced by the Warriors series when I was young. It led me to learn how to write after I joined an online writing community focused on the books by Erin Hunter. Without those books, I probably never would have become the author I am today.

IBB: What is the one thing that has helped you develop most as an author?

KP: Education has helped me grow inspiration but what has truly helped me was experiencing life and its cruel realities. My newest poetry chapbook focuses a lot on life with addiction, trauma and mental illness along with grief – things I wouldn’t be able to write about without experience.

IBB: What do you want to achieve most from your writing?

KP: I want to someday be able to reach out to vulnerable young readers and show them that the world isn’t all doom and gloom; one day the sun will shine again.

IBB: Have you received a favorite review of your work?

KP: Not at this time, no.

IBB: Were there any particular parts of the writing/publishing process that you struggled with?

KP: Deciding on a title is probably the hardest aspect!

IBB: Is there something specific you do to improve your writing?

KP: I always like to get feedback from others as I write. When I wrote my first book, I had a very literate, book-loving friend who read it for me and gave me her advice.

IBB: What is the ideal relationship between editor and author?

KP: Understanding what the author wants while also understanding the perspective of the editor.

IBB: If you had a direct line to someone who loves or hates your writing, what would you say?

KP: If you love it, I’m so grateful – tell me all about what you like! If you hate it, well, I’m sorry my work doesn’t speak to you in the ways I had hoped, and I truly hope you find writing that you enjoy.

IBB: If you could give one piece of advice to an aspiring author, what would it be?

KP: Never give up, keep writing and just do what you want – it’s your story, your world.

IBB: What does your writing future hold for you?

KP: That remains a mystery but I’d hope my writing future eventually involves further development of my craft and a book signing with a proper publisher.

Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions. Best of luck in the future.

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