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Angela Daniel

causality 2

Causality – Space Opera, Science Fiction and Saga

“For anyone that will listen. I would like to tell you a story…” The red sun of Royal Galactic Space is dying. As it slowly expands it will devastate all of the planets of its system. In the midst of their impending doom an unprecedented galactic event occurs. A great flash displaces people across the galaxy, drawing Dra’enna, Elliott and Nick from their lives on Earth into the drama as it unfolds. Without the benefit of her memories or any clue as to what she’s supposed to do, Dra’enna is taken in by the “First Family” and soon learns that she will play an important part in the coming of the end. In a desperate race for time Dra’enna and her unusual crew traverse the system looking for clues and answers that could save everyone. But hidden truths, unexplained phenomenon and deception corrupt the mission, making it nearly impossible to solve the mysteries that could save them. That could save everyone. On the edge of complete civil upheaval and war, it is up to Dre and her companions to figure it all out in time and maybe even find a way home.

dis bonne nuit

Dis Bonne Nuit – Suspense, Occult, Virus, Supernatural, Science-Fiction

The end of the world didn’t come with a bang. It came as a whisper on the breeze.

It could have been any day on Bourbon Street. But it wasn’t. It was the day the end began.

A sudden mysterious virus sweeps over Orleans Parish and within a matter of hours, it seemed that everyone had gone crazy. As the city burns, madness and dissension spread quickly.

Desperately trying to identify the root of the illness, mistrust and suspicion surround the scientific community over the murder of a colleague.

As the event spirals outward, a group of strangers is thrown together determined to survive. Armed with only the talisman and charms of an eccentric woman, they look for their own answers.

Will faith, science and black magic be enough to stop the deadly epidemic in time to save humanity?

Say your prayers and say goodnight.

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