Providing readers with great Indie Reads across the genres


01 Publishing – Horror, Science-Fiction, Satire
Pamela Ackerson – Romance, Time Travel, Cozy Mystery, Western
Ronelle Antoinette – Fantasy, Romance
Patricia Azeltine – Inspirational, Romance
Natalie Bartley – Fantasy, Erotica
Aspen Bassett – Young Adult, Time Travel, Urban Fantasy
Sandi Baughman – Paranormal, Mystery
Kay C. Beerman – Romantic Suspense, Romantic Mystery
Karen S. Bell – Fantasy, Psychological, Thriller
Iggy Blake – Supernatural, Mystery
D.J. Bodden – Urban Fantasy, Post-Apocalyptic
Motina Books – Middle-Grade, Women’s Fiction, Young Adult
Patricia Bourque – Romance, Young Adult
W. Clark Boutwell – Political Science-Fiction
Erin Bowlen – Romance
Jacqueline Britton – Chick-Lit, Commercial Fiction, Mystery, Romance, Contemporary Women’s Fiction
K T Browne – Action, Steampunk, Thriller
Frank Bukowski – Comedy, Historical, Literary, Poetry, Short Stories
P.K. Burian – Fantasy, Middle-Grade, Mystery, Paranormal
Dan Burley – Mystery, Suspense, Drama, Short Stories
Ashlee Nicole Bye – Fantasy, Young Adult
Ella Carmichael – Mystery, Romance, Supernatural and Suspense
Digger Cartwright – Motivational, Mystery and Western
John Chapman – Science-Fiction, Thriller
Malini Chaudhri – Non-Fiction; Mind, Body & Spirit
Todd Cinani – Cyberpunk, Science-Fiction
Meridith Claire – Fantasy, Fairy Tales
Richard Cluff – Fantasy
Isham Cook – Essays, Literary Fiction & Non-Fiction, Satire, Short Stories, Travel
Charlie Cottrell – Mystery, Science-Fiction
Brian Courtney – Literary Fiction, Dystopian
Lincoln Crisler – Fantasy, Horror, Science-Fiction , Short Stories
J.D. Cunegan – Mystery, Paranormal
Holly Curtis – Humor
Angela Daniel – Science-Fiction, Space Opera
Mitch Davies – Historical Fiction, Mystery, Romance, Thriller
Paul DeBlassie III – Thriller, New Age Fiction, Metaphysical Triller, Horror, Paranormal
Mario Dell’Olio – LGBTQ, Memoirs, Romance
Kevin B. DiBacco – Video Production, Non-Fiction
L.P. Donnelli – Children’s
Kneel Downe – Science-Fiction Prose
W.A. Dowd – Urban Fantasy
Lynda Engler – Dystopian, Post-Apocalyptic, Scince-Fiction, Young Adult
Edward M. Erdelac – Paranormal, Western
John Feldman – Psychological Thriller
Raj Fernandes – Self-Help
Scott Ferrell – Fantasy, Young Adult
Angela J. Ford – Young Adult, Fantasy
E.J. Frost – Fantasy, Mystery, Paranormal Romance, Romance, Science-Fiction
SR Garrae – Crime, Police Procedural
J. Webb Garrett – Urban Fantasy, Cyberpunk
M.C. Glan – Science-Fiction
A.M. Goetz – Young Adult, Thriller, Suspense
Lori Goldson – Coming Of Age, Young Adult
Sarah Marie Graye – Contemporary fiction, Women’s fiction
Patricia Gulley – Paranormal, Mystery
Daniel J Hainey – Action, Adventure, LGBTQ
Christopher Hall – Speculative fiction, Dystopian fiction
Ana Hannah – Romance, Military
Doris-Maria Heilmann – Non-Fiction
K.C. Herbel – Fantasy
Heidi Herman – Children’s Norse Folk Tales
Dave Holcomb – Non-fiction, Hollywood Film Analysis
Katy Hogan – Mind, Body & Soul, Supernatural
Jaimie Hope – Children’s, New Adult, Romance, Paranormal
S.K. Hope – Memoirs, Non-Fiction
Jennifer Inglis – Rom Com, Chick Lit, Women’s Fiction
Patricia M Jackson – Coming-Of-Age, Romance
Wes Jansen – Fantasy, Mystery, Young Adult
Sebastian Jaymes – Memoir, Biography, Adventure, Adventure travel, Coming of Age, Music Business, Entertainment
Martha Warriner Jarrett – Memoirs
Ana Jobrail – Poetry, Love & Erotic Poetry
Rhonda Denise Johnson – Young Adult, Science-Fiction, Women’s Fiction
Kathryn Joyce – Literary Fiction
Lisa Keeble – Fantasy, Humor
Ruchira Khanna – Asian Drama & Plays, Children’s, Mystery, Short Stories, Young Adult
Daylin Knight – Urban Fantasy, Technothriller
K I Knight – Historical Fiction
N. Annette Knight – Romance, Short Story, Suspense, Thriller
Jenny Knipfer – Christian Historical Fiction, Literary Fiction, Clean Romance, Young Adult
Cameron W Kobes – Fantasy, Short Stories, Adventure
Zara Kor – Cyberpunk, Dystopian, Post-Apocalyptic, Science Fiction
Susan Larsen Krause – Children’s fiction, Middle-grade fiction, Special Needs, School Issues, Learning Disabilities
Eaton Krone – Science-Fiction, Humor
Warren Laine-Naida – Contemporary Fiction, Humor, Romance
Chad Lehrmann – Supernatural, Young Adult
Justin Lincoln – LitRPG, Fantasy
Jay Mackey – Science-Fiction, Adventure, Thriller
Chrystal Mahan – Dark Fantasy, Paranormal
D C Maher – Family Sagas, Romance
Anthony Maranise – Spirituality, Sport
Daphne Masque – Romance
AV McClane – LGBT, Fiction, Romance, Erotica
T S Mercer – Fantasy, Suspense, Thriller
A.C. Merkel – Historical Fiction, Fantasy, LGBT
James F. Miller II – Poetry; Mind, Body & Spirit
Monalisa – Biographies & Autobiographies
Mary B. Moore – Contemporary Romance
David C. Moore – Comedy/Humor, Travel, Travel Fiction
Jennifer Morse – Fantasy, Adventure, Romance, Young Adult, Self-Help, Motivational, Inspirational
Deston J. Munden – Epic Fantasy, High Fantasy, Swords and Sorcery
Adrian Musgrave – Military History, History
Geoff J Needham – Biographies & Memoirs
Corin Nemec – Graffiti Art, Mystery, Crime
Marisa Noelle – Horror, Supernatural, Paranormal, Mental health, YA, Dystopian, Sci-fi, Fantasy, SFF, Thriller
Ibukun Ogunbase – Science-Fiction, Thriller, Mystery, Post-Apocalyptic, Young Adult
Victoria Oliveri – Historical Romance, Historical Fiction
Laurel Ostiguy – Contemporary, New-Adult, Romance
Otranto House – Crime, Fantasy, Horror, Young Adult
Neal Owens – Adult Literary Fiction
Lorraine Pestell – Contemporary Fiction, Romance
Kate Porter – Mystery, Paranormal, Romance, Suspense
E.G. Radcliff – Fantasy, Young Adult
Ametra S. Rayford – Dark Fantasy, Paranormal, Supernatural
M.J. Reed -Romance, Women’s Fiction, Post-Apocalyptic
Julie Reichwein – Crime, Psychological Thriller
Graham Rhodes – Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Mystery, Thriller, Young Adult
Carmen Richter – Romance, Teen
James Rickard – Action/Adventure, Western Fiction
Vikki Romano – Science-Fiction, Technothriller
D.G. Rose – Coming Of Age, Drama, Romance
Erin Rose – Erotica
Nicholas Rossis – Children’s, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Short Stories
D. Ryan Rentz – Fiction, Contemporary Romance
Aaron Safronoff – Poetry, Science-Fiction
A.J. Sahnow – Psychological Thriller, Horror, Supernatural, Mystery
Annette Sharman – Children’s Fiction
The Shellies – Children’s
Mike Shelton – Young Adult, Fantasy
Samantha Simard – LGBT, Mystery
Ariel Smith – Science-Fiction, Young Adult
Amy J. Smylie – Fantasy, Young Adult
Kenny Soward – Fantasy, Horror
Isra Sravenheart – Dark Fantasy, Fairytales, Spirituality, Romance
Jim Steele – Action/Adventure, Horror, Psychological, Thriller, Travel Fiction
A.J. Stewart – Post-Apocalyptic, Science-Fiction
PD Stewart – Fantasy
Rain Stickland – Action/Adventure, Dystopian, Post-Apocalyptic, Romance, Science-Fiction
A.O. Storm – LitRPG, Science-Fiction, Fantasy
Alie Summers – Dystopian, Young Adult
JN Supermom – Non-Fiction
Lisa Tillinger Johansen – Health & Nutrition, Diet, Weight Loss and Nonfiction
Kenneth Thomas – Dystopian, Time Travel, Historical Fiction, Science-Fiction, Action/ Adventure, Thriller, Suspense
Duncan Thompson – Occult Horror, Psychological
Laura E. Thompson – Fantasy
Victoria Thurman – Contemporary Fiction, Women’s Fiction
Drukell Trahan – Non-Fiction, Science, Philosophy, Spirituality
Jan Turk Petrie – Literary Fiction, Historical Fiction, Science-Fiction, Thriller
James Walley – Fantasy, Humor
Michael War – Fantasy, LGBT, Paranormal, Romance, Sci-Fi, Time Travel
Timothy C. Ward – Post-Apocalyptic, Science-Fiction
Dargan Ware – Literary Fiction, Historical Fiction
KD Webster – Fantasy, Horror, Vampire
Lee Widener – Action/Adventure, Comedy/Humor, Horror, Satire, Speculative Fiction
Kethric Wilcox – Fairy Tales, LGBT, Paranormal Romance
J.B. Williams – Horror
Lee Williams – Adventure, Fantasy, Young Adult
Zane Williams – Supernatural, Mystery
Valeria J. Wilson – Historical-Fiction
Alessa Winters – Paranormal Romance, Romance
Jessica Woods – Children’s
NK Wood – Crime, Thriller
Mercedes M. Yardley – Fantasy, Horror, Paranormal, Romance, Short Stories
Ross Young – Fantasy, Mystery, Comedy
T.L. Zempel – Contemporary Fiction, Humor

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