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Chrystal Mahan

Inked In Blood

Inked in Blood: The New World: Begin, book 1 – Dark Fantasy, Paranormal

The world as we know it is at war. Only my son can save us now.

“But father, I do not wish to go,” those words my son spoke to me over a year ago. He did not want to go, the look on his face made it clear. The world I told him about, the world of blood and death. It is him they want to see, for me to go it would be detrimental to our future if we wish to survive.

“Go to them my son, explain our ways. Make them see and understand that we can live with the humans. Humans can see us, share a life with us. They do not need to fear us as we have led them to believe. It is you they need to hear it from. It has to be the one who is from my blood.” I remember watching Maria shed a tear, which she tried to hide. I know she is trying to remain strong for her man. I watched my son board that plane, strong, brave, and ready to fight. I saw the man reappear who had died so many years ago.

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