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*NEW Testimonials

This is a new page, so bear with us a little, but here are a few nice things our authors have said about us recently.

I want to thank @IndieBookButler for supporting #indieauthors!!! Thank you for being so gracious, and if you – you reading this tweet – haven’t checked them out, it’s time. Let’s buy more indie books…

@AvaLeeMosley Dec ’19

If you are an #indie author with no idea where to go for marketing, these folks are amazing @IndieBookButler and @SelfPubShowcase. They treat me like I’m a NY Times Best Seller, without breaking the bank. I am so glad I found them when I started this journey! #WritingCommunity

@AngelasPearls Nov ’19

Firstly, I would like to say how pleased I am with the promotion so far .. I have already seen an uplift in traffic and a number of new orders. So thanks for that.

@WarsandWords Nov ’19

Promote with the Indie Book Butler HERE.

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