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K.C. Herbel


The Innkeeper’s Son: The Jester King Fantasy Series: Book 1 – Fantasy

Billy cheerfully runs The Valley’s Finest Inn with his father and daydreams of a fantasy life in the distant courts of the kingdom. One night, a murderous stranger from his secret past emerges to take from him his life and the magic ring that belonged to his mother.

Billy must flee home to stay alive and is thrust into an adventure that leads him to the highest courts in the land. But there are perils to such a journey. Monsters, giants, spirits and brigands prowl the wilds of Lyonesse, not to mention a dragon that wants to eat him! As he struggles to survive and unravel the mysteries encircling his life, Billy becomes aware of a menacing figure lurking in the shadows; a ruthless nemesis that has hunted him his entire life.

The Innkeeper’s Son is the first of four novels in The Jester King Fantasy Series.

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The Jester: The Jester King Fantasy Series: Book 2 – Fantasy

Billy is entertaining jubilant nobles in the king’s court at Castle Orgulous. It’s the pinnacle of his life! Even the melancholy king is happy. Then tragedy strikes …

The death of a friend forces Billy to choose between leaving Orgulous and staying on as the royal musician. While he weighs his choices, he receives a vision from his magic ring – a dark vision of murder. Is someone trying to kill the princess? Billy must stay. He must stop the assassin! To do so, he will risk his life and the lives of his friends, and confront powerful enemies that have hunted him since he was born.

In the midst of this turmoil, the mystery of the magic ring deepens and draws Billy closer to the revelation of his place in the world. But will it come in time to save him or only further endanger his life?

The Jester is the second of four novels in The Jester King Fantasy Series.

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The Prince: The Jester King Fantasy Series: Book 3 – Fantasy

Arriving in Tirn Aill, Billy is challenged by many discoveries: his fae blood, his ability to use magic, and a powerful enchantment placed on him by his mother. But unraveling her spell has dire consequences, and the faerie folk soon find their kingdom in peril. To avert a cataclysm, Billy needs a “spellbinder,” but he doesn’t even know what that is!

In addition, he’s receiving more visions of the future – of dead kingdoms and dying friends. War has come to Lyonesse, eagerly served by a wrathful Gwythian prince, sworn to revenge his brother’s death with Lady Cyndyn’s blood. So, Billy must return to war-torn Lyonesse to save Myrredith from her executioner, but can he save her and still save Tirn Aill?

Meanwhile, King Ergyfel prepares for Billy’s return. To keep his stolen throne, he summons demons from the ancient world. However, Ergyfel is not prepared for the extraordinary cost.

The Prince is the third of four novels in The Jester King Fantasy Series.

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The King: The Jester King Fantasy Series: Book 4 – Fantasy

Mere hours before Myrredith’s execution, Billy is locked in battle with Ergyfel’s demon, and Hugh fights to stay alive in Gwythian occupied Dyven. Can either get past Prince Hereweald’s army in time to rescue Myrredith from the ax? Just trying may cost Billy the spellbinder Tirn Aill needs so desperately.

Billy’s visions point to a spellbinder in Castle Orgulous, making a showdown with Ergyfel unavoidable. But Billy’s no match for the wizard-king’s sorcery and he knows it. He must cast away fear and trust an enemy with his life. Only then can he hope to attack Orgulous and defeat the tyrant sitting on its throne.

Meanwhile, King Ergyfel works his darkest magic against Billy and the invading Gwythians, and tightens his grip on the crown. However, his deal with Dheumon is costing him more than he imagined, and the arcane curse from Billy’s ring continues to consume him.

The King is the fourth of four novels in The Jester King Fantasy Series.

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