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Carmen Richter

carmen lips

My Lips Are Sealed (Sealed With a Kiss, Book 1) – Romance, Teen

When Zoe’s boyfriend went missing at the end of her sophomore year in high school, she thought happiness was a thing of the past. After returning from a summer trip on the other side of the world, she went to an open mic night at a local coffee shop, wanting to try a song she’d written for her missing boyfriend out on an audience. Meeting anyone new was the last thing on her mind that night, but when Elijah, a recent graduate of the local private liberal arts college, struck up a conversation with her after hearing her sing, she couldn’t help but be drawn in. Sparks flew that night, and neither of them could deny that their chemistry was real. But what happens when she walks into her drama class the next day to find out that Elijah is her new teacher?

carmen heart

My Heart Is Sealed (Sealed With a Kiss, Book 2) – Romance

Five years after Zoe left everything and everyone she knew behind to attend NYU, it seemed like she’d gotten everything she ever wanted. She was acting on Broadway in her dream role and even booking solo concerts. When Elijah showed up at one of her concerts and their romance rekindled, she quickly realized that what she gave up to move to New York was worth more than any job, no matter how glamorous. She moved back to St. Augustine to marry the man she never stopped loving and it seemed like she was going to get the fairytale ending and the happily ever after. But when someone starts threatening her anonymously and trying to expose all of the skeletons in her and her friends’ closets, will she and Elijah be able to handle a very different kind of pressure on their relationship?

carmen future

My Future Is Sealed (Sealed With a Kiss, Book 3) – Romance

After receiving a threatening message at their wedding, Zoe and Elijah are more determined than ever to do two things. First, to enjoy their new life together as a married couple. And second, to find and stop their stalker once and for all. But the messages continue to get more and more threatening, and they and their family are still just as stumped as ever in their quest to find their tormentor. With the unexpected news that they are about to have their first child, their resolve to find and stop this person is even more firm. Who is doing this to them? And why? Find out in the third installment of their epic love story!

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