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Kevin B. DiBacco


The Real World Guide to Digital Filmmaking – Video Production, Non-Fiction

Hollywood has filmmaking secrets that they will not tell you and those they just don’t want you to know! The ‘Real World’ Guide to Digital Filmmaking is a unique cross between a reference manual and a filmmaking chronicle. Professors and teachers today write the majority of filmmaking books in the market. Most of these writers have very limited experience on an actual movie set. An established, successful filmmaker writes this book. The ‘Real World’ Guide to Digital Filmmaking highlights real scenarios on ‘real’ independent motion pictures. The author hopes that each reader will journey behind the scenes of motion picture production with first-hand accounts of what actually happened – and learn what to look for and what to avoid on their film productions.

With the advent of new digital equipment, every few months The ‘Real World’ Guide to Digital Filmmaking also wants to encourage all potential filmmakers young or old, male or female, to follow their dream.

Back Surgery put a hold on his first film. Then Brain Surgery almost ended his filmmaking dream! This book is about NEVER QUITTING, NEVER giving up!

This is not just another book about making film & video. This is a book about one man’s pursuit of a dream. Getting knocked down time after time, only to get back up and struggle to reach his goals. This is a book about surviving setbacks as you continue down life’s path.

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