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Death in Focus: Passion and photography meet a multimillion-dollar cover-up and murder. (Casey and Carval Book 1) – Crime, Police Procedural

Acclaimed, sexy reality photographer Jamie Carval, desperately searching for a new theme for his next exhibition, stumbles upon dedicated, driven Manhattan detective Casey Clement and her hotshot team at the murder of a brilliant scientist.
Carval instantly decides that the intensity and unity of the team will form an outstanding show, with Casey as its stunning centrepiece. But Casey has hated photographs ever since a jealous fellow-recruit tried to shame her with a stolen copy of a shot from a college party, and she isn’t in the mood to play nice.
As the cops unravel the mess of multimillion-dollar motives for murder, the trail leads them from the research lab to the door of big business.
While Casey hunts for the truth, Carval fights to find a way past Casey’s resistance to his photos and the heat that’s building between them. But when the murderer starts to come into focus, can photographs save the day? 

death in camera

Death in Camera: Murder in modelling’s murky underbelly (Casey and Carval Book 2) – Crime, Police Procedural

Driven detective Casey Clement and her hotshot team of misfits are called to the murder of a gorgeous woman, left overdosed, beaten and shot in a Manhattan park. Famous, sexy photographer Jamie Carval, obsessively shooting the team for his next blockbuster exhibition, with Casey the stunning heart of his concept, identifies the victim as a model.
When a second similar corpse turns up only a few weeks later, and then a third emerges, the team have to delve into the ugly underbelly of the modelling world, uncovering sleaze, sexual abuse and serial killing.
As the dirty, degraded details of the case rake up traumatic memories for the cops, the tensions threaten to destroy Carval’s relationship with Casey and the team.
When the only way to stop the murders is to set up a sting, will Carval’s glamour-photography past help to find the killers – but lose him both his exhibition and Casey? 

death sight

Death in Sight: Secrets lead to lethal results (Casey and Carval Book 3) – Crime, Police Procedural

The third novel in the Casey and Carval series.

Everyone has secrets…and some people kill to protect them.

Asher Washington was keeping secrets from his friends, family and fiancée. Did his silence lead to his shooting in a snowy Manhattan park, or was he killed by the secrets hidden by the people around him?

The secrets that swirl around brilliant NYPD detective Casey Clement and her hotshot team of misfits also bind them together. Their case turns on the secrets surrounding their victim, but Casey’s reputation and relationships are threatened when the secrets kept by Casey, her team, her lover, and her alcoholic father are exposed.

Casey can deal with murder. But when all of the secrets around her are uncovered, will it be more than she can handle? 


Death in Frenzy: Secrets lead to lethal results (Casey and Carval Book 4) – Crime, Police Procedural

The fourth novel in the Casey and Carval series.

Jealousy, money, sex – three motives for murder.

Chef John Manoso was gruesomely stabbed in the alley behind his diner, but why? He provoked all three motives in spades. He abused the diner’s staff, secretly enjoyed an extravagant lifestyle, and had a plethora of spurned lovers. Which part of his dangerous existence led to his murder?

Detective Casey Clement’s misfit team of NYPD detectives knows all about jealousy. Their co-workers are bitterly envious of their outstanding reputation. As the stars of celebrated reality photographer Carval’s forthcoming blockbuster exhibition, that’s only going to get worse.

As they hunt for Manoso’s murderer, slanderous rumours circulate about Casey, her team, and her alcoholic father, threatening to ruin Carval’s exhibition and the NYPD’s reputation.

Can the team break the case before the precinct breaks the team? Or will jealousy and murder triumph over the truth? 

Death in lights

Death in Lights: Ambition, envy, lust – and murder (Casey and Carval Book 5) – Crime, Police Procedural

Be sure your sins will find you out.

Ambition…envy…lust. But murder is the deadliest sin of all.

Isabella Farquar was found murdered outside the Manhattan theatre where she was to star as Titania in an experimental production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. But which sin caused her death? As Casey and her misfit team of detectives uncover ambition, envy and lust at every turn, the multiplicity of motives leaves them swimming in a sea of suspects.

Casey’s only ambition is to catch the killer. But her lover, Carval, is opening the blockbuster exhibition that will cement his own ambition to be the most famous reality photographer ever – and provide an opportunity for Casey’s envious co-workers to try to bring her down.

Ambition…envy…lust – and murder. Casey has to ensure that the killer’s sins will find them out. 

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