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Ralph B. Cooper

His Story

His-Story is My Story’s Mystery (Prose and Flows)

The Power “2b” (to be) or become is most certainly a divine right. Those who are direct descendants of the slave ships, jim crow south and institutionalized racism that is still causing inequality…it is to these matters that inspired me to share my thoughts of outrage from a first-hand viewpoint.

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Legends in Verse (Poetry)

Legends in Verse are stories told poetically. Life is full of rhythms and rhymes captured in distinctive moments in time. These are stories told creatively, with moral, rhyme, reason and filled with social commentary that adds to the spice that is apparent in our lives lived.

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Any Given Day (Poetry and Prose)

2b2b2 = To be….Any Given Day is a process, a capture of life’s monumental and inauspicious moments, segmented by seasons and reasons…we all share in these individual experiences at one time or another…as we sojourn towards understanding and “2b” understood…. its a journey that starts out quite mysteriously, full of trips, slips and climbs and falls which ultimately delivers us to that sacred, most high place that can be assailed as….Some Day….which funnily is exactly where we started at, but the everyday victories and even tribulations are the most cherished and sought after vibes, when all is said and did…..this is you and this is me…..ANY GIVEN DAY….can also be said….To Know Me is to Love Me more or less… by day!


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