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Laurel Ostiguy

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Last Goodbye: A story of love, loss and one girl’s fate. (Onondaga State Series, Book 1) – Contemporary/ New Adult Romance Novels

A Life Event that Changes Everything. In his final moments before succumbing to brain cancer, Jonathan Higgins confides in his best friend about a beautiful girl who should have been his one true love. Hundreds of miles away, on the same spring evening, Abigail Price suddenly suffers from a seizure that leaves her with an overwhelming sense of love and loss that she cannot explain.

Starting college the following fall, Abigail meets two men who will forever change her life.
Both love and care for her, but one harbors a secret that will split her world into two.

Relationships will be tested while Abigail tries to understand what is and what might have been. It’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all, but can you love and lose someone you’ve never met? Fans of Nicholas Sparks, Nora Roberts, Diana Gabaldon, and K.A Robinson will love Laurel Ostiguy! Grab a copy of Last Goodbye today.

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Longing to Be: Facing her fears wasn’t part of her curriculum. (Onondaga State Series, Book 2) – Contemporary/ New Adult Romance Novels

A wealthy girl from the Hamptons, Bree Van Tousen has known nothing but good fortune.
But a horrific encounter on her first night in college leaves her broken, confused, and scared.
Gradually, as Bree begins to heal, she finds solace in the arms of a forbidden man on campus. Knowing their infatuation with one another could cost him his job and her enrollment at the university, they are forced to keep their whirlwind romance a secret…from everyone.

That is until someone decides that their happiness needs to be destroyed.

Unfortunately for Bree, she is also dealing with the police as they attempt to find the man who has terrorized numerous women on campuses throughout New York. As her wounds are reopened, Bree never sees the heartbreak coming and is crushed when the one person she needs in her life leaves her.

In Longing to Be, Bree has to make a decision. Walk away before anyone gets hurt or risk it all?
What will Bree decide?

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Lying in Wait: Even the best of intentions can come with a price. (Onondaga State Series, Book 3) – Contemporary/ New Adult Romance Novels

Could Laura’s attempt to rebuild an entire campus be the reason for her destroyed relationships?

Abigail and Bree made it through their freshman year with the help of their devoted best friend, Laura Chase. Only wanting to help her friends and her community, Laura lands a job at the college radio station as the first female DJ in over a decade. But even the best of intentions can come with a price. As Laura attempts to bring her friends peace, she uncovers further lies and deceptions. Could a costly cover-up hurt her friends even more than the Campus Creeper did?

What Laura doesn’t know is that, while she has been faithfully watching out for others, someone has finally noticed her. Will Laura’s new romance be the root cause of a divided campus, or will her alliances bring together a university that has lived in fear for over a year?

Join Laura and her friends at Onondaga State University as they wash their hands of their unforgettable freshman year and enter their sophomore year a bit wiser and with something to prove.

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