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The Shellies

sc the shellies to the rescue cover site

The Shellies to the Rescue – Children’s

Four fantastic hilarious tales of how The Shellies manage to save the Shells on Shellie Bay followed by preventing the Sour Drops gang and MarshMallow from destroying the Wellie Wanging Games and making sure the Wobbly Jelly contest takes place. Crabby, Rainbow, Barnacle, and Melo stop MarshMallow and her gang’s intentions of taking the fun and colour out of the ball on the Shire of Here and There.

The fun doesn’t stop at the last full stop of each story! Readers get the chance to enjoy our easy ShellieTastic Crafts and can make some of the items which they have just read about.

Suitable for children 5 years plus. A ShellieTastic Fun Time For All.

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