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Jessica Woods


Roast Potato: The Potty Potatoes Series, Volume 1 – Children’s

Welcome to the wonderful world of the Potty Potatoes! They’re silly, they’re cheeky, and they are guaranteed to put a smile on your face! Discover your new favorite spud in this wacky children’s series based on characters created by Steve Scatcherd and brought to life by Jessica Woods in these fun children’s stories. Roast Potato loves the sun; in fact, he loves it a little too much! Read Roast Potato’s story and learn a little lesson about sun safety. After all, sometimes you can love something too much, and it’s not quite as much fun as you’d think!

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Baby New Potato: The Potty Potatoes Series, Volume 2 – Children’s

Baby New Potato is very, very small… She wants to be a big potato and do the things that big potatoes do, but when she tries to bake her mother a cake all by herself, she ends up making a BIG mess. Enjoy this small story about little potatoes and big love with your own little spud! Read all of the “Potty Potatoes” books with your child for fun stories with important lessons.

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