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G.R. Wilson


Outsourced World: Seducing Goddess Durga During the Clinton Era – Memoir, Travel/Asia, Globalization, India, Oil & Gas Industry

With its hi-tempo yet easy prose, Outsourced World – Seducing Goddess Durga During the Clinton Era calmly explains how the “New World Order” — comprised of Offshoring, and the WTO, and a globalized Outsourcing regime begging to be abused, plus a centralized Internet schema, and multiculturalism imposed exclusively upon ‘Western’ nations — was rolled out to an unsuspecting world right after the First Gulf War.

To many the 1990s will feel very distant. But to nonchalantly dismiss that unique and transformative decade would be a grave error. Why? Because the protracted crisis most of us have been living through since 2008 is the poisonous fruit grown from seeds planted during “the Clinton Era”.

Thanks to the 2016 Presidential election, those “Bonnie & Clyde Clinton’s” may at last be losing their surreal grip on the general publics’ unworldly and gullible imaginations. Nevertheless, most will remain mired in legislation enacted while almost everyone’s attention was kept focused on a vastly over-hyped Y2K problem.

Presenting a series of well-researched facts while adding value and originality through the application of the Author’s own deductions, Outsourced World succeeds in showing how that First Gulf War was conspiratorially used to trigger (or help clear the way) for all those Globalizing initiatives listed at the top of this book blurb.

Intertwined with his own entertaining (and ofttimes educational) 1996-era Odyssey, long hidden aspects of this “New World Order” project are patiently and clearly explained, and in logical sequence. And wherever appropriate, they appear in close relation to how they impacted the Author’s own predicament in both Abu Dhabi and Kuala Lumpur. Therefore, you will gain precious insights into how those two iconic cities felt just a few short years before they entered hyper-speed development.

During 3QTR 2017, this first volume (Wanderlust) in a short series was reviewed by a polyglot political correspondent and graduate of Cambridge University, England. You can access the full review via a link on this book’s dedicated website. Meanwhile, here are some non-contiguous extracts:

The autobiography which provides the framework of this volume is a gripping personal odyssey by a true raconteur.

Unassumingly woven into this narrative are Wilson’s hard-won, long-refined findings as to the monetary conspiracies and mind-control schemes — largely spun by or within the British Establishment — which now have the world in their grasp. These are seen to be the very schemes that suck the lifeblood out of any economy and culture.

All of what Wilson traces in this book — as set out in a rich variety of models — is but one element of the (still Western-led) “New World Order” that was formally announced in 1991, and which increasingly gathered steam throughout that decade of the 1990s.

This book is a treasure trove of signposts and observations which [readers] of any persuasion will appreciate for its honesty, coherence and style.

To understand complex issues in the shortest time, and to navigate two decades shaped by more than their fair share of chronic lies and deceptions, it always pays to go back to their source, or their origins. Too many laws and statues enacted during the 1990s now appear to have been designed with malice aforethought. They have since reached those goals intended; namely the evisceration of the West’s middle classes, and the pauperization its working classes. The clear way this book navigates the roots of this phenomenon represents one of its major USPs.

The 200 pages (including Addenda) that comprise the first volume of “Outsourced World” guides the reader through what would otherwise look like a thick maze to most. On a net basis, even the more experienced and well-traveled adults become significantly more informed having finished it.

This book does contain risqué scenes, so it is not meant to be read by those under 18 years. For example, sexual romps with some truly delightful, “East of Suez” women are explicitly described. Yet even these are re-framed in order that cultural insights, religious hypocrisy, and geographic comparisons can be maturely assessed. Such eye-opening vignettes are this Memoir’s raw evidence; they also soften the blow of this book’s deeper (more political) content.

This read could satisfy every Vive La Différence connoisseur. It will be valued by those who respect individual self-determination, and by those seeking guidance on how different (even conflicting) cultures can actually understand and enjoy each other when left alone to interact naturally and locally. This is a title equally suited to the armchair reader (male or female), to those stuck in a hotel on business in need of substantive entertainment, and those negotiating long-distance travel who really do need something truly original, bright, and substantive to compensate for that hassle and jet lag. Enjoy!

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