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Geoffrey Stanger

the soul cages

The Soul Cages – Crime fiction, Animal rights

In the heart of the English countryside Industrial Farming is undergoing a transformation. Colin Furness struggles to comprehend the injustices that animals are forced to suffer, in their trillions, in order for humans to have a slightly better lifestyle and executes his plans to educate society and change what we put into our shopping basket. On his farm, instead of the customary crop of hens, pigs and cattle the cages are slowly being populated with people. But this livestock is not destined for the butcher’s hook; these wares will soon become bargaining chips in a game with macabre consequences. Pitted against an insane and dangerous protagonist Detective Inspector Neil Dyson and his small team must unpick the clues to save the captives’ lives and restore sanity. Join Dyson and team in a race against time on a journey that every thinking person should make.
Warning: The Soul Cages might well change your life… Barnes & Noble

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