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Book of the day: September 28th 2015

Jail For The Damned

Jail For The Damned – Fantasy, Suspense, Thriller Your world can change in the blink of an eye. Newton Supermax, …

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Book of the day: September 23rd 2015

The Florida Caper

The Florida Caper – Suspense, Thriller A rare and valuable jewelry piece is stolen from the Palm Beach mansion of …

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Book of the day: September 18th 2015

Marc Nash School

Extra-Curricular: Tales Told Out Of School – Short Stories, Literary Fiction Marc Nash’s fifth collection of flash fiction and his …

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Jenee Edwards Interview

Jenee Edwards

Where do you write? Amazingly, I find the greatest comfort in writing from my┬áhome. Is there anything you must have …

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Book of the day: September 11th 2015

Life Singular One

A Life Singular: Part One – Contemporary Fiction, Romance The first in a six-part contemporary fiction serial, “A Life Singular …

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Book of the day: September 6th 2015

Sex On The Brain

Sex on the Brain – Comedy, Literary Fiction, Poetry, Short Stories Can you remember your first crush? Your first orgasm? …

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Frank Bukowski Interview

Frank Bukowski

Today we are joined Frank Bukowski, author of Reality TV. Welcome, Frank. Well hello there. For any of our readers …

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