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Book of the Day: August 14th 2018

Cover Morgan 2 1

Morgan Le Fay: Small Things and Great (Fata Morgana Series: Child of the Moon Trilogy, Book One) – Adventure, Children’s …

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Book of the Day: August 13th 2018


KLS-9 – Science Fiction Kerry Sheridan came to Horizon with nothing but the clothes on her back and her name. …

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Book of the Day: August 12th 2018


The Kitchens of Canton – Literary Fiction Jeff Malmquist is unaccountably catapulted to the year 2060. He finds himself in …

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Book of the Day: August 11th 2018

Out Of Shadows

Out of the Shadows: Shadowlands, Book 1 (Fantasy, Young Adult) From the streets of Melbourne to the bowels of Westminster, …

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Book of the Day: August 10th 2018

HARPER Bully For You

Bully For You: a HARPER mystery (The Harper Mysteries Book 1) – Noir/Mystery, Suspense, Drama “Bully For You” (volume one …

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Book of the Day: August 9th 2018


Coasters (Chick-Lit, Commercial Fiction, Mystery, Romance, Contemporary Women’s Fiction) Where love, fashion and tragedy collide in search of true destiny. …

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Book of the Day: August 8th 2018

The Crossroads of Time – African American Women’s Fiction In this contemporary women’s novel, a young college student travels through …

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Permanently Free Books


We are in the process of putting together a new section on the site to showcase books that are permanently …

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Book of the Day: August 7th 2018

Black Fall

Black Fall: Urban Fantasy Jonas Black is a typical 16-year-old, except for his lucid dreams, reclusive mother, and the two …

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David Moore Interview


Tell us a little about yourself, David. I retired from advertising at a time when my wife Helene thought I …

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