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Book of the Day: 15th April 2021


Title page TRILLIUM

Trillium – Historical Fiction, Coming-of-age, Canadian literature, Women’s Literature

Trillium, written by ML Holton, narrated by Jens Hansen.

Insightful, compelling, engrossing, and enlightening, Trillium intimately portrays the intertwining evolution of three very distinct families in the wine-making region known as Niagara in the Golden Horseshoe region, Ontario, Canada.

It all starts when a sandy-haired foot soldier, 19-year-old Tom Hartford, crosses over the mighty Niagara River in the 1750s.

Listeners will meet Maaka, an ingenious indigenous trapper; Franco, a dirt-poor Sicilian labourer; Paddy O’Sullivan, a sweet-talking Irishman and sweet Cate, the Hamilton Harbour prostitute. And that’s just the beginning!

All unfolds with a pair of motherless red-headed twin brothers, a diabolical, hate-filled drunkard, two devoted, raven-haired sisters, an obsessed land developer, hard-working Mexicans, a kind blind man, a handsome Italian Canadian winemaker, a blessed treasure trove of attentive mothers, one demented vineyard-wandering wife, and a startlingly beautiful simpleton savant Anna.

A 250-year-old story about three families. Expect the good, the bad, and sometimes the very ugly!

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