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Book of the Day: 1st February 2024

Poetic Passport

My Poetic Passport: The Laws of Love – Mental & Spiritual Healing, Self-Help

“We are the maze we have yet to master”. Jenee M. Edwards believes representation of strength and the desire for change ultimately brings people closer together. However in doing so, she believes no one secretly blooms and we must not turn down our volume for anyone. She has an acquired taste for warm embraces with a soundboard of wisdom that feeds the soul. Yet a reminder for women that leadership builds stronger paths and very empowering connections. Beyond growth and transformation there is a greater being within you. The development of a stronger surge, even those universal battles will leave room for immense optimism at the end of the day. This author leaves you with not only an echo from her heart but a deliverance of why even a songbird never holds its tune.


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