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Death in Camera – SR Garrae

Death In Camera

death in camera

Death in Camera: Murder in modelling’s murky underbelly (Casey and Carval Book 2) – Crime, Police Procedural

Driven detective Casey Clement and her hotshot team of misfits are called to the murder of a gorgeous woman, left overdosed, beaten and shot in a Manhattan park. Famous, sexy photographer Jamie Carval, obsessively shooting the team for his next blockbuster exhibition, with Casey the stunning heart of his concept, identifies the victim as a model.
When a second similar corpse turns up only a few weeks later, and then a third emerges, the team have to delve into the ugly underbelly of the modelling world, uncovering sleaze, sexual abuse and serial killing.
As the dirty, degraded details of the case rake up traumatic memories for the cops, the tensions threaten to destroy Carval’s relationship with Casey and the team.
When the only way to stop the murders is to set up a sting, will Carval’s glamour-photography past help to find the killers – but lose him both his exhibition and Casey? 

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