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Liam Thomasson Interview

Human Interface

The Indie Book Butler Interview – Liam Thomasson

Tell us a little about yourself and your work.

I’m a middle-aged human male, interesting eyes, uninteresting everything else. My work essentially started out as a dream, which I thought about, added ideas to and eventually turned into a book.

You’ve got 20 words to sell us on your work. Tempt us.

It’s realistic and it’s honest, it’s a story about not having to be powerful, but about finding courage.

Were there any particular parts of the writing/publishing process that you struggled with?

I did go through a period where the story seemed to lose direction. It meant that I stopped working for a few weeks before I got going again.

Where do you like to write?

I make notes and write small sections wherever I happen to be. But piecing them together primarily takes place at my desk.

Is there anything you must have in order to write?

Music. I keep the volume low so as not to cause a distraction but I cannot write without it.

What books have influenced you most, both as a person and as an author?

I know this isn’t what the question is asking… But, my passport. It is a small book, has pages and writing. It’s the book that enables us to take journeys, to grow, experience and learn.

What is the one thing that has helped you develop most as an author?

The encouragement of others.

What do you want to achieve most from your writing?

I would like to fulfil my ambition to make writing a full-time job.

human interface
Is there something specific you do to improve your writing?

I don’t overwrite. I limit the amount that I write in one go. Making brief notes if there is more I haven’t had a chance to get down.

What is the ideal relationship between editor and author?

Respect. Simply that the Editor respects the investment you’ve made into your work. And the writer respecting the editor’s job to present the work as well as possible.

If you had a direct line to someone who loves or hates your writing, what would you say?

Firstly, thank you for taking the time to read my work. Please explain what you loved/hated. I would like to hear your feedback.

If you could give one piece of advice to an aspiring author, what would it be?

Write something that you will enjoy. It’s better to write something that one person likes than risk writing something that nobody likes.

What does your writing future hold for you?

I currently have two books in production and the possibility of a third in the future. After that I’m unsure.

How have you set about the task of creating enticing cover art?

By keeping the artwork simple, clean and pretty much unlike any other cover art you’d expect to see.

How often do you read? What genre?

I try to pick up something new every couple of weeks. Sci-fi, Dystopian, Crime, Historical.

Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions. Best of luck in the future.

For more on Liam’s work, please visit his Indie Book Butler page HERE, or pop by and visit him on Twitter.

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