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Book of the day: 24th December 2019 – FREE today

Two Turtledoves

Two Turtledoves: A Short Story-Daydreams And Nightmares Of A Broken Synesthete – Short Story, Horror What happens when you mix …

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Book of the day: 27th November 2019


Just Across The Way – Horror, Psychological Thriller In “Just Across The Way”, David becomes a millionaire after the death …

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Book of the day: 24th November 2019


Lament of Midnight (Horror, Short Stories, Poetry) Some dolls just can’t be saved. Two short and twisted tales entwine with …

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Book of the day: 22nd November 2019

Blood Ring

The Blood Ring (Science-Fiction, Horror) Yellowcop is everywhere. It can see and hear everything. It can track where you are …

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Book of the day: 19th November 2019


Twisted Tales: The Creature of Black Flint Forest (Young Adult, Horror) Youth horror. Much in the realm of goosebumps…   …

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Adrian’s Children: Blood Work – KD Webster

Blood Work

Adrian’s Children: Blood Work – Horror, Vampire What happens when your blood becomes changed? What happens when it changes you? …

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The Shadow Keepers – Marisa Noelle


The Shadow Keepers – YA, horror, supernatural, paranormal, mental health Sixteen-year-old Georgia Boone has seen the shadow creatures in mirrors …

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Book of the Day: October 18th 2018

Horrors 2

Horrors of the Soul: Fables of Desolation and Despair – Horror The true monster lies deep within. It rages and …

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Book of the Day: November 12th 2017


The Dead Reckoning – Horror In 1881, notorious outlaw Seth Granger and his gang, Granger’s Dozen, have been murdering and …

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FREE Book of the day: October 29th 2017


Brain Matter – Horror, Suspense *FREE on Kindle until October 31st! BRAIN MATTER is a collection of 6 original horror …

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