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Book of the Day: 18th February 2020

Mirrors Of Life COVER EBOOK

MIRRORS OF LIFE: What is your life in the mirror? – Adult Literary Fiction In the mixed days of happiness …

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FREE Book of the day: 15th February 2020

Valentines Cove

Valentine’s Cove – A Short Story-Daydreams And Nightmares Of A Broken Synesthete A haunted mansion. A group of contest winners. …

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The Adrian Musgrave ‘Insights of a War Correspondent’ Interview

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Welcome again… Thanks for inviting me back… For any of our readers that aren’t yet familiar with your books, can …

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Her Name Is Murder – A.C. Merkel


Her Name Is Murder – Historical Fantasy, LGBT “We can’t waltz forever, Grant.” “We can damn well try.” Magical musician …

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Book of the day: 14th February 2020

Death In Camera

Death in Camera: Murder in modelling’s murky underbelly (Casey and Carval Book 2) – Crime, Police Procedural Driven detective Casey …

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Book of the Day: 12th February 2020


The Slayer: Hell Awakens – Paranormal Born and raised in the small town of Grundy Hill, West Virginia, Abigail Taylor …

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Book of the Day: 11th February 2020

Rites Of Passage

The Sawyer Shepherd Chronicles: Rites of Passage (The Chronicles of Sawyer Shepherd Book 1) – Supernatural, Young Adult An ancient …

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FREE Books of the Day: 6th February 2020


Insights of a War Correspondent – Military History, Adventurer & Explorer Biographies, Military Biographies Following service in the British Army, …

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