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Book of the day: 10th July 2020

Death Sight

death sight

Death in Sight: Secrets lead to lethal results (Casey and Carval Book 3) – Crime, Police Procedural

The third novel in the Casey and Carval series.

Everyone has secrets…and some people kill to protect them.

Asher Washington was keeping secrets from his friends, family and fiancée. Did his silence lead to his shooting in a snowy Manhattan park, or was he killed by the secrets hidden by the people around him?

The secrets that swirl around brilliant NYPD detective Casey Clement and her hotshot team of misfits also bind them together. Their case turns on the secrets surrounding their victim, but Casey’s reputation and relationships are threatened when the secrets kept by Casey, her team, her lover, and her alcoholic father are exposed.

Casey can deal with murder. But when all of the secrets around her are uncovered, will it be more than she can handle? 

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