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Book of the Day: 11th June 2021

Baxter 4

Baxter 4

Back Where I Come From (Five Points Stories Book 4) – LGBTQ, Romance

Sometimes You Have to Move Back to Move Forward

Two years ago Zach Torosyan lost his partner, leaving him with a young son to raise alone. After his restaurant fails Zach goes home to Edgedale for one last summer.

However, things back home are not as bucolic as he hoped. His folks are knee-deep in a zoning fight that threatens not only the family business but life in the Old Quarter.

Grant Strong is only going to be in town for a few weeks—a month, maybe. More than enough time to visit family and get a pesky zoning ordinance repealed for his law firm.

In and out. No problem. No mess. No fuss.

But it’s never that easy. In short order, Grant finds himself at odds not only with the town, but also his sister, and a certain handsome visiting father.

Can Zach and Grant meet in the middle, save the town, and maybe each other?


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