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Book of the Day: 17th May 2021



A Decade of Desire: Erotic Tales from the Charlie Doyle Diaries – Erotica

Frustrated at home, Charlie Doyle spends a decade pursuing his sexual desires. Conversations gleaned from his journal provide a fascinating insight into the world of online dating and relationships. Part inspiration, part memoir, part romance, over 25 short stories describe role-play adventures and exhilarating fetish experiences from that time. Online chat dialogues explore the barriers confronting modern contemporary relationships while other chapters imagine the erotic liaisons that follow when two people finally meet.

After 15 years of corporate office life, Charlie Doyle’s kinky fantasies revolve around ‘The Boss and Mistress’ role plays which invariably lead to his ‘secretary’ being disciplined in a number of office scenarios. Stockings and suspenders, high heels and split skirts feature in every way possible, but he must keep his mind on the job and his hands on the keyboard. Unable to pursue those imagined day dreams during ‘The Office’ years, finally unchained, he leaves the stuffy corporate world behind.

Reveling in his new found freedom, lust drives his wild secret desires, where the journey begins on his ‘Decade of Desire.’ Online, he discovered his taboo world was always out there, a world where submissive sexy ‘secretaries’ were more than happy to surrender and become a part of his fantasy world. With each new partner, together, they explored the dynamics of dominance, humiliation, and restraint. Pushing boundaries and releasing control, dark erotic imaginations satisfied them both.

The Charlie Doyle Diaries, record the fantasies and erotic spanking experiences of that time. 

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