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Book of the Day: 22nd April 2021



Thoughts & Collection By JME: The Beauty And Pain of Reality While Mustering A Seed of Faith – Creativity, Self-Help

This 37-year-old New Jersey native has learned a lot when it comes to people, places, and things–and this is where Spirituality is measured at its best. Along this journey, one must learn that it’s more than meets the eye. There are good and bad people, but some come with very bad intentions. While many are amused with the setbacks of others in this dark world, we should be willing to open up our hearts and minds so that love transcends this earth.

As JME aims to touch others trapped in gloom and desolate places in their life, she no longer wants those to struggle with the defect of being blind to love, patience, compassion, peace, and jo, rather they trade the darkness distributing faith instead. Through the extension and collection of her thoughts, it will bring light to the dark in others, and the light in the goodness of God. It will highlight some very deep poems, speak on all walks of life, provide a little laughter, and teach you to laugh at your own pain for once in your life because in the end, you will learn that no matter what walk of life you come from, you were branded beautifully by God even in the blindness of our own circumstances.

One thing JME has never done is live life for applause or to impress, but we must learn to be impressed by what is standing in the mirror. From the stroke and click of her heels, yes, there she goes–that perfect but imperfect Lillie in the field. She has incredible but enormous strength, and even through the storm, she is still here, still valuable, still relevant, and still hopeful that other Lillies in the field will prosper and know that God is available whenever you’re hungry for him.

Allow yourself to become a composite of absolute humble beginnings. Jenee M. Edwards welcomes you to her Thoughts & Collection by JME The Beauty and Pain of Reality while mustering a seed of Faith.

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