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Book of the Day: 24th April 2021



The Ghost Between Us (The Ghosts Around Us, Book 1) – Paranormal Romance

A novel of paranormal suspense filled with thrills, chills, and romance.

Jacob Stone seems to have it all. Fame, fortune, good looks and a dream job exploring paranormal mysteries around the world for his hit TV show. The one thing that still haunted him though was his first experience with the paranormal at the age of 13, when he and his three friends snuck into a supposedly haunted building. It ended badly, and he felt responsible for the damage that followed. He also never forgot his first love, Charley, who he hadn’t seen since that night. Can he go back and find the answers now? Will Charley and his old friends go with him? Will the old sparks still be there?

Charley’s life changed drastically the summer she turned 13. A happy summer and first love ended in trauma. She is now a quiet, reclusive adult overwhelmed with responsibilities, watching life pass her by. Charley is amazed to see her childhood sweetheart on TV now as a famous (and still handsome) paranormal investigator. When he comes back to town with his show to investigate the haunted building where tragedy once occurred, Charley must face her fears and use her psychic ability to confront the evil ghost who has tried to control and destroy her family for generations. Can she embrace a new life of love and adventure or will the ghost continue to haunt her family forever?

This is a stand-alone novel but the first of series.

Kindle Paperback 

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