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Book of the day: July 17th 2015

Lonely Heroes

lonely heroes

Lonely Heroes – Science-Fiction, Thriller

Lonely Heroes is an action packed adventure which covers the incredible life of a CIA agent, and his Israeli counterpart. From thwarting Putin’s plans to make billions from a harrowing deception: to working with Zera, Israel’s top agent, to damaging the Iranian nuclear weapons program before it goes active. Zera, and Roger Taylor, the CIA’s best, are ultimately enlisted by a powerful alien being into stopping a heinous plot to blind every living thing on Earth. Roger and Zera must travel into space to save the Earth, and other friendly aliens from extinction.

“The main protagonist in Lonely Heroes, Roger Taylor, the CIA’s top agent, draws the most dangerous assignments from the US government. Taylor later teams up with Zera, an undercover Israeli agent. After working together in the Middle East, they are charged with stopping an alien attack on Earth. Finally, they join a cabal of aliens heading into space to try to save two distant worlds from extinction.

Based on the ending of this fast read thrill ride titled Lonely Heroes, I get the distinct impression that an inter-dimensional war is brewing. Personally, I can’t wait to see where this story goes next.” USA READER NEWS
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