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Book of the day: October 9th 2016



Bookend Tales From Here and There – Children’s

Welcome aboard another fun-packed tale from Shellie Bay where waves of fun wait on the shore to greet you. Whiz along to distant shires and dales where folklore and legend tumble by to add extra sparkle and magic to your adventure. Moments in history tiptoe side by side with music and fun. Fairies, pixies, goblins and mermaids all make an appearance as the merry pals sit around a beach bonfire telling tales from ‘here and there.’ Discover how a twist of fate and fun possibly assisted Sir Issac Newton in his quest to discover gravity. Listen in as Crabby, with just a jot of help from the others, attempts to explain the difference between light and sound.

After listening to the story about Jack O Lantern you may well wonder if you too have ever been ‘piskie led!’ With songs, Barnacle’s ‘old sea customs’ and new friends making an appearance on the Bay this is one voyage you will want to make time and time again. Listen as the ‘jolly crew’ prove once more that ‘Once Upon a Tides’ really can come true… the ‘jolly crew’ prove once more that ‘Once Upon a Tides’ really can come true…

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