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Before The Nine Days

before the nine days

Before The Nine Days (Mystery, Romance)

At the age of sixteen, with doting parents and two best friends, Katie Collins has the perfect life until one of her best friends mysteriously disappears. As the mystery of her friend’s disappearance continues to go unsolved, Katie starts to worry that the same fate could befall her. Is she safe? Should she search or mourn? When a terrible car accident changes Katie’s life yet again, her world crumbles. Her ability to trust and feel safe dissipates. Then she meets Justin, who may be the only person who can get her through the trauma and horror she suffered the summer before. Will Katie ever be able to recover her ability to believe in other people? Will she spend her entire life trying to regain the perfect life and family that she once had? Follow her path as she figures out who she is, what she really needs in life, and who she wants to be with.

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