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Love Me Not: They are not high-school sweethearts – D.G. Rose

Love Me Not

love me not

Love Me Not: They are not high-school sweethearts (Romance, Drama, Coming of Age)

A family gets ready to welcome an exchange student from England, they are all excited for this journey they are about to embark in but all for different reasons. Maggie wants to experience at least one fling with a boy from a different country, her mother wants the family to experience something new while her brother Dean is just waiting to make fun of the newcomer. What they do not know is that that knock on the door will change their lives forever.

He tells her not to fall in love with him, she tells him she doesn’t have a heart so it’s not a problem. What he doesn’t realize is that this is not just any other girl and it takes more than a boy to love a girl like her.

They are definitely not high-school sweethearts! 

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