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We are LIVE!

The Blog

The moment has finally arrived and we are now fully up and running. As the days progress, we will fill out and expand even more as the blog posts and interviews come in.

For now though, do take a look around the site. Visit our Great Indie Reads section to search by genre, or our Author A-Z to check them out by name. Then why not move on to read through our Interview section – the first couple are courtesy of Ian R. Kaye, author of the children’s book characters The Shellies, and Timothy C. Ward author of Scavenger: Evolution. Then of course there is more to explore: Book of the Day posts, The Butler’s Blog, and not forgetting our Promotions section where authors can sign up to utilize our services.

The main thing for us, at this point, is to pass on our thanks. We greatly appreciate you taking the time to visit our new site and hope this will be the first of many visits.


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