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Book of the day: March 9th 2017

Child Of Darkness

child of darkness

Child of Darkness (Horror)

“There is nothing wrong with your child… He just has a strong imagination, and anxiety problems.”

If only that was the real problem with six-year-old Zack Heart. Why else would a young boy, full of life, be so frightened by fast food restaurants? Department stores? His hometown church? Why else would he be seeing blood on walls? Shadowy figures around every corner? It HAS to be anxiety. It is the only logical explanation, and the only one his parents, Rachelle and Paul, choose to believe…. That is, until one evening, when family friend and retired police investigator, James Washam, joins them for drinks in their family home. When conversation turns to Zack’s problems, and the struggles of the parents to solve them, the young boy enters the room and announces to them that: “They are looking in the wrong place.” “What are you talking about, Sweetie?” asks Rachelle “The Police. They’re looking in the wrong place.” Sensing that the young boy has the gift of premonition, Officer Washam engages the help of Zack to investigate local cold cases and their assumed connection to deceased suspected serial murderer, Link Shelby. When Washam insists that the boy meet renowned psychic Vonda ReMark, he uncovers a secret that will shock the very core of the Heart family’s existence. The newest horror from Jack Chase, Child of Darkness is a grim, supernatural examination of the possibilities of the afterlife, and the never-ending existence of evil in our world.

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