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Book of the day: May 3rd 2015

Rough Magick

Rough Magick

Rough Magick: Gnomesaga, Book I – Fantasy, Horror

“5/5 STARS. Well imagined world with a great story, ROUGH MAGICK evokes wonderment, laughter, a sense of foreboding, anger, and involves every possible emotion. Strongly recommended.”
—Frank Michaels Errington, Horrible Book Reviews

NIKSABELLA the gnome has tinkered in the shadows for years, developing an invention that might change the world—even if she doesn’t know it. She has few friends and even fewer allies in Hightower, where social and academic status is crucial.

Her brother, NIKSELPIK, is an obstinate wizard who drinks heavily, sings dirty songs, and makes unmannerly passes at gnomestresses. A dark addiction consumes him, giving him increased power while also pushing him closer to death.

Dark, otherworldy creatures, foreign to the lands of SULLENOR, have suddenly appeared, making chaos wherever they go. In the wake of this, Niksabella must fight to protect her life and her invention, while Nikselpik engages the enemy as an unlikely counselor to Hightower’s military elite.

Will the gnomish siblings find their true powers together, or perish apart? And will they overcome the wounds of their childhood before it’s too late?

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