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Purgatory – Zane Williams



Purgatory – Supernatural, Mystery

Cole was a man down on his luck. His marriage was ending, he was having to say goodbye to his career, his friends, and his sister, all of which he would miss. He was relocating from the bustle of Alexandria to the small southern town of Purgatory, Virginia. It was hard enough having a secret, much less maintaining a secret in a small town where everyone knew everyone.

If being an empath wasn’t bad enough his life took an unexpected turn when a one night stand committed suicide shortly after their liaison. Had there been signs? Was it something he had or had not done? Could he have prevented it? Despite a dislike of using his abilities, Cole finds himself haunted by the girl, but how can he bring her peace?

While her death goes under investigation, Cole becomes their prime suspect. The girl’s father, the chief of police, will not rest until he finds justice for the death of his little girl. Cole, against his wishes, must use his abilities to clear his name, but can he do so without incriminating himself further while also coming to terms with the abilities he possesses?

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