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Book of the day: March 14th 2017

Becoming Who I Am

Becoming Who I Am: The Life and Times of Nobody Famous – Biographies & Memoirs ’10 years in the writing, …

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Book of the day: March 10th 2017

Tainted Bond Big

Tainted Bond (Contemporary Romance) Their tainted past bonds them. Lucian Thorne, has spent the last three years keeping women at …

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Book of the day: March 9th 2017

Child Of Darkness

Child of Darkness (Horror) “There is nothing wrong with your child… He just has a strong imagination, and anxiety problems.” …

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Book of the day: March 7th 2017


The Nefarious, Noble, and Nocturnal (Short Stories, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Mythology) Readers, prepare yourselves, and embark on a supernatural journey …

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FREE Book of the day: March 4th – 6th 2017

Before The Nine Days

Before The Nine Days (Mystery, Romance) At the age of sixteen, with doting parents and two best friends, Katie Collins …

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Book of the day: March 3rd 2017

Agent Colt

Agent Colt: Classified Pride: Colt Information Agency, Volume 1 (Mystery, LGBT) Latesse Colt is a super spy with a gold …

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Book of the day – March 2nd 2017

Dangerous Victor

Dangerous Victor: Soldiering On #3 (Romance, Military) Radha Iyer knows there’s something terribly wrong happening at the casino she manages. …

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Isabeau Vollhardt

Isabeau Vollhardt

Tell us a little about yourself and your work. I started writing in grade school; science fiction in college is …

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Book of the day: February 28th 2017


north: Book 1 of the Morningstar Series (commercial fiction, fantasy, mythical creatures) AMAOKE IS AN ARCTIC WEREWOLF WHO WAS CREATED …

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Book of the day: February 27th 2017

The Flowers

The Flowers Need Watering- Romance, LGBT Mateo Borden, after his spontaneous decision to come out to his parents at twenty, …

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